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Speculative Freemasonry was established over 300 years ago and is based upon the ancient traditions and principles taught by the ancient & operative craft masons, dating back to the building of King Solomon's Temple.

As a Freemason, you will have commonality with every Mason who has come before you and who will come after you, and throughout the entire planet.


It is within his own heart that a man is first made a Freemason.  Joining our fraternity is not to be taken lightly, as it is a life long obligation.  As a Freemason, you will be equipped with the proper tools to best divest yourself of previously held vices, stand uprightly before deity, meet with all mankind on the level, and unite you with other Masons throughout the world.  Freemasonry makes men better by relating the Geometric principles of ancient craft masonry to how we live our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the requirements to join?​

A man, of good repute, and well recommended, 18 or older, living in Washington state 6 months or more (exceptions for military), recommended by three Masons, no criminal record, and a belief in a supreme being. Specifics are listed on the petition for the degrees.

2. What is the application process?

Masons cannot invite you to join, it must be of your own freewill. You should visit some Lodges and get to know some of the men who are Masons in your area. You must fill out a petition for the degrees and get three Mason’s endorsement.

3. How long is the application process?

Once you have submitted a petition to a Lodge, your petition is read at Lodge, a team is assigned to meet with you and your family, the investigation results are read at the next Lodge meeting and then a ballot is taken. If approved by the members you will be assigned a coach and you will be asked to schedule a date for your initiation. This takes about three months, if the Lodge meets only once per month. After initiation, you will be required to pass a test on what you have learned before proceeding to the next Degree. Including initiation, there are three degrees. Memorization of the rituals will be required to advance through the degrees. Normally, it takes three or more months for you to pass all three degrees and get a good understanding of your obligations necessary to becoming a better man.

4. What would change in one’s life after becoming a Mason?

One reason to become a Mason is to become a better man. You become a better man by becoming more confident, by living by the rules of your God, by treating all on the level with justice and compassion, and by helping others become wiser and better. This takes effort on your part. The symbols of Masonry: the Plumb, Square, and Level continually remind a Brother to live an upright life, be square with your fellow man, and treat all equally.

5. How much time is required, in an average week, to be devoted to Masonic duties/responsibilities?

becoming a better man takes effort. Nothing realized without effort is truly cherished. It is a life-long task to become better than you were each day. How much effort that it takes is up to you.

6. What if any financial commitment is to be expected?

Joining costs about $200 depending on the Lodge. Yearly dues range in the $50-$100 range, depending on the Lodge. You should be financially secure and be able to support your family.

7. How long do meetings last and what is the purpose? 

These meetings typically take about two hours and include business and educational content. Typically there is a social hour before or after the meeting that may include dinner.

8. How do I know what Lodge is right for me?

Your job is to visit Lodges in our area and get a feel from the Masons you meet. Ask questions. You will not be able to attend meetings until you become a Mason, but we have many social events that you and your family may be invited to attend. You may already know some Masons, if so, talk to them. In the mean time, contact a Mason or a Masonic Lodge near you.

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